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Registration Policy

Children are registered in classes in this order:

  1. Continuing students staying in the same age class.

  2. Continuing students progressing into the next age class. Children who will not be eligible for kindergarten in their town the following year will have priority in registering for the Butterflies class (Pre-K).

  3. List A - siblings of current students.

  4. List B - siblings of alumni (a previous Butterflies graduate).

  5. List C - outside public.

Kindergarten Stationery
Colorful Pens

Registration Details

ECDC offers a range of class schedules and tends to be fully enrolled.  We do have a non-refundable registration fee (that acts as a deposit should you enroll your child) of $400 for new ECDC families,

or $200 for current ECDC families and alumni.

We also offer a 10% tuition discount for enrolled siblings.  The discount is taken off the lower tuition rate.

As a parent cooperative, we require parent participation in your child’s class. This gives you the opportunity to share your child’s nursery school experience and also observe the program. Parents participate approximately 4-5 times per year.

Click on the button below to download our Registration Form.

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