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About Us

Kids Playing in Snow

ECDC Nursery School, Incorporated is a nonprofit, tax-exempt corporation offering preschool classes for three and four year-olds. ECDC is the product of the combined efforts of parents and teachers. Together we have created a program designed especially for the preschool child.

ECDC Nursery School is a parent cooperative, which allows parents to be involved in both their child’s classroom and the management of the school. Our philosophy is that young child learn through play. We believe that each child should be treated as an individual and should have the opportunity to develop at their own pace.


We have low teacher to student ratios. Typical class size is 13-15 students, two teachers and a floating assistant teacher.  We use theme-based curriculum. Every two weeks, new themes are introduced for your child to explore, providing a hands-on and stimulating approach to learning.  Your child will enjoy weekly music and creative movement classes and we offer enrichment programs with flexible scheduling.

Upcoming Events:
Parent/Teacher Conferences - NO SCHOOL  |  March 19

ECDC is closed for classes to hold Parent/Teacher Conferences.

Educational Cornerstones

offering a unique educational program for the pre-school child

Children playing at kindergarden

Learn Through Play

We believe that all preschool children learn best through play. Each child is treated as an individual and has the opportunity to develop at his or her own pace. Our classroom environment reflects this philosophy with many independent choices available through the day. At ECDC, the process of learning is more important than the product.

Parents and Child

Parent Involvement

The most effective education results from a partnership between parents and teachers. For this reason, ECDC was established in 1977 in Sherborn as a parent cooperative. Parents spend time in the classroom interacting with their child and the teachers. The minimum time requirement is quite modest, between 4 and 7 times per year in the classroom as your child’s “guest”. There are additional opportunities for parents who are interested, and additional involvement is welcomed. For more information, please read the Parent Participation section in the Parent Handbook.

Kindergarten Guide

Qualified and Committed Staff

Most educators at ECDC have been with the school for over 15 years, with combined experience and education in backgrounds such as Elementary Education, Art Education, and Sociology.  Our staff is extremely dedicated and have a variety of outside interests that enhances the children's experiences in the classroom.  See our Staff page for more.

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